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PM, French Ambassador discuss collaboration in economic, defence and security areas

Cooperation in the economic, defence and security areas, as well as in European issues were the main topics of the meeting Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu had with the new Ambassador of the French Republic to Romania, Nicolas Warnery, at the Victoria Governmental Palace on Thursday.

According to a Government press release, the Prime Minister appreciated the deep and long-standing Romanian-French relations, strengthened by the strategic partnership between the two countries and the common values and visions at bilateral, European and international level.

"Romania relies on the support of France, with which we are bound by a long and deep friendship, for its accession to the Schengen Area. Our country has met all the criteria, it has the legitimacy to join Schengen. A correct approach is needed because a possible Austrian veto against this decision would generate instability in the region," Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu is quoted as saying in the press release.

In the current regional context, the two officials underlined the importance of NATO's Eastern Flank and the Black Sea deterrence posture.

The Chief of the Executive thanked France for its military presence on the Romanian territory and for its decisive contribution to the support platform for the Republic of Moldova.

During the meeting, Ambassador Nicolas Warnery underlined Romania's important role in maintaining regional security and its remarkable contribution to the support offered to Ukraine through the solidarity corridors.

"It is admirable Romania's European sense, which made possible the solution for the grain transit," the French Ambassador in Bucharest said, according to press release.

The French diplomat also appreciated Romania's economic performance in the last period and underlined the French country's interest in developing investment projects in the energy sector, with emphasis on the use of renewable sources, electricity interconnection and the promotion of new technologies.

The meeting was attended on behalf of the Government by Head of the Prime Minister's Chancellery Alexandru-Mihai Ghigiu, State Advisor with the Prime Minister's Chancellery Ruxandra Ivan, and Secretary of State Mihai Constantin, Government Spokesperson.