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Ministry of Finance plans loans of 6.78 billion RON from banks in April 2024

The Ministry of Finance (MF) has planned, in April 2024, loans from commercial banks in the amount of 6 billion RON, to which the amount of 780 million RON can be added through additional sessions of non-competitive offers, related to bond auctions.

The total amount, of 6.78 billion RON, is 260 million RON higher than the one that was scheduled in March 2024, of 6.52 billion RON, and will be intended for refinancing the public debt and financing the budget deficit of state.

According to the prospectus published in the Official Journal, on April 1, an auction will be organized for an issue of treasury certificates with a discount, in the amount of 400 million RON, with maturity on October 23, 2024, and on March 14, an auction will be organized for an issue of 400 million RON, due on March 26, 2025.

Also, during April 2024, 12 issues of benchmark bonds will be launched, with a total value of 5.2 billion RON, followed the next day by an additional session of non-competitive offers, with a value of 15% of the initial value of the bond issue (780 million RON in total).

Thus, auctions were scheduled for a bond issue of 300 million RON, on April 1, seven issues of 400 million RON, on April 1, April 4 (two issues), April 11, April 15, April 15 and April 25 ( two), three issues of 500 million RON, on April 22 and 29 (two) and one of 600 million RON, on April 18.