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AEP:18,965,288 enfranchised citizens on March 31

The Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) announced on Monday that the total number of enfranchised citizens registered in the Electoral Register on 31 March stands at 18,965,288, 24,454 more than the last information at the end of February.

According to an AEP press release, 18,940,834 Romanian voters were registered on 29 February.

The differences appear as a result of the current operations carried out by mayors in the Electoral Register of administrative-territorial units and the import of data from the General Directorate of Passports (DGP), the source said.

Thus, in March, 19,507 people were removed from the Electoral Register due to death and 275 people were removed because they were prohibited from exercising the right to vote or were placed under a ban.

However, 89 persons regained their electoral rights following the expiry of the deregistration period.

Also, the number of voters who turned 18 years old in March is 19,017, and were entered the Electoral Register by the Permanent Electoral Authority, based on the communication of the General Directorate for Personal Records (DGEP).

According to data from the General Directorate of Passports of 18 March, 25,130 new voters were registered.

Out of the total number of Romanian voters listed in the Electoral Register, 18,020,261 are domiciled or resident in the country, and 945,027 are domiciled abroad and hold a Romanian citizen domiciled abroad - CRDS passport.

According to Law no. 208/2015, the Electoral Register is a national computer system for recording and updating the identification data of Romanian citizens with the right to vote and information on their allocation to polling stations. The electoral register is structured by counties, municipalities, cities, communes, for Romanian citizens with residence or residence in the country. The persons authorised to carry out operations in the Electoral Register of Romanian citizens domiciled or residing in the country are the mayors or the persons designated by mayor order, AEP also points out.