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Competition Council scrutinising Grampet Logistics takeover of Electromontaj Carpati

 The Trade Competition Council is scrutinising the transaction by which Grampet Logistics SRL intends to take over Electromontaj CarpaTi SA, the competition authority announced on Monday.

Grampet Logistics SRL is a provider of transport solutions in Europe and Asia that integrates different modes of transport and auxiliary services in the logistics chain, offering costumised services. The company is a member of the Grampet Group operating mainly in cargo transport, mainly rail transport, and related activities.

Electromontaj Carpati SA specialises in construction works of electricity and telecommunications utility projects.

Under Competition Law 21/1996, the transaction has to be authorised by the Competition Council, which will evaluate it in order to establish its compatibility with a normal competitive environment and will issue a decision within the deadline provided by law.

Any observations and points of view can be sent to the competition authority within 20 days.